Vallarta Dolphin Kids

  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids
  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids
  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids
  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids
  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids
  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids
  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids
  • Vallarta Dolphin Kids

Small children have always enjoyed a special bond with the playful spirit of the Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin and we have created a tour that keeps this foremost in our minds. This tour provides the chance for kids between the ages of four and eight to have an up close encounter with these magical creatures of the sea. At our Dolphin Center located near spectacular Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, small kids can have an experience that will fulfill their wildest dreams as they get to pet and touch members of our family of dolphins with their very own hands!

This tour, which is designed especially with the needs of small children in mind, begins with an introductory session at the side of our dolphin pool, which is carefully supervised to provide a very safe and protective environment. Poolside, your kids will learn a little bit about the habits and lifestyles of the dolphins in a fun and playful setting, before getting introduced to these fabulous marine mammals personally. When this is through, they will then have the rare experience of interacting with these highly intelligent marine mammals. Your kids will be allowed to touch and pet the dolphins in a very shallow swimming pool. This pool is also our maternity pool, so your young ones will get to play along with newly born dolphins and their mothers in this specially designed area.

We have seen a number of small children come to see our beloved dolphins and we have noticed that they are always charmed and delighted by the experience. There is just something about the two that creates a wonderful combination. You children will never forget the experience and you will be thrilled to see them so excited and engaged with the wonders of their natural world.

Vallarta Dolphin Kids Highlights

  • Garaunteed interaction time with the dolphins
  • Face to face encounter with dolphins in waist deep water
  • Your kids will experience a heart-warming kiss, a hug, a dance and opportunities to pet the dolphin
  • Parents can watch their child interact with the dolphins
  • Small groups sizes maximizes dolphin interaction time
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  • FROM MEX: 01.800.681.1858
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