Puerto Vallarta Dolphins

Puerto Vallarta Dolphins

If you're visiting Puerto Vallarta, you will not want to miss an enchanting personal interaction with amazing dolphins. With the spectacular backdrop of the Bay of Banderas and Pacific Ocean, you will play with these wonderful mammals of the ocean, the Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins.

Throughout history, stories of humans interacting with these remarkable aquatic mammals have become the tales of lore. In times of peril, dolphins have aided people. These intelligent creatures have guided swimmers to refuge and sailors to safe harbors. Experience just how sociable and friendly the dolphins really are when you visit us in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta offers miles of white sand beaches, dazzling sunsets and awe-inspiring mountains covered in lush greenery that will surely delight, even the most seasoned traveler.

Don't forget to try our Signature Dolphin Swim when visiting Puerto Vallarta. It's a favorite among travelers to this region in Mexico.

Knowledgable Friendly Staff

Have a question about any of the dolphin programs on our website? Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us Toll Free.

Our staff is available to answer all your questions in order to help you decide which one of our fantastic programs is right for you. You can also book your reservation over the phone and receive your confirmation the same day.

From USA: 1.888.558.3330
From MEX: 01.800.681.1858

Don't Miss Out On Our Trips Vallarta Dolphin Center

Due to the popularity of these programs we highly recommend you book your dolphin program in advance.

We take reservations months in advance.

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Puerto Vallarta Weather

  • Currently: Clear, 77°F (feels like 77°F)
  • Wind: 0mph, N
  • Sunrise: 7:18 am
  • Sunset: 8:34 pm


  • Tuesday, May 26th — Low: 74; High: 87; Mostly Clear
  • Wednesday, May 27th — Low: 74; High: 90; Partly Cloudy
  • Thursday, May 28th — Low: 74; High: 92; Partly Cloudy
  • Friday, May 29th — Low: 75; High: 88; Partly Cloudy
  • Saturday, May 30th — Low: 78; High: 85; Partly Cloudy